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We are pleased to introduce ourselves as global manufacturer and supplier of machining and fabricated components India and Overseas. The Company’s commitment to the highest standards of quality, and its ability to innovate, over three decades, has seen it flourish to become the leader in manufacturing with business lines that focus on. We are existing with Five Companies named

All our companies are ISO 9001 Certified. The company was incorporated in 1978, located on main highway in Ropar (Punjab) in 4 Acres with 100000 Sq.Ft Covered Area which is 35 kms from Chandigarh and 285 Km from New Delhi and Head Office situated at Showroon No. 91, 1st Floor, Industrial Area, Phase 2, Chandigarh. Our company is fully equipped with all necessary machines required for any type of metal fabrication, machining, castings, painting and different types of finishes.

The company’s unique commitment to innovation and quality, supported by traditional values has provided the framework for achieving market leadership in all its areas of business. The group continues to progress with its customers through sustainable strategies and relationships that will ensure that it successfully leverages the opportunities and demands of a truly global economy

Shine Metaltech Pvt Ltd. is engaged in machining and manufacturing of Tractors and Motor Parts and steel fabrications. The company has dedicated about 60000 Sq. Ft. area to Shine Metaltech Pvt Ltd.

  • The companies are specialized in machining with most Hi-Tech Modern Machinery viz HMC’s and VMC’s with auto pallet changers.
  • The company has in-house 3 Nos HMCs and 5 Nos VMCs.
  • It has complete modern tool room in house for making all kinds of jigs and fixtures.
  • It has in house the testing facilities for machining components.
  • Major Customers are: M/s Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., Mohali,
  • Major Products are: Gear Housing Regular, Gear Housing Orchid, Lift Housing 1500 Kgs (Dry and Wet), Lift Housing 1000 Kgs (Dry and Wet), Lift Housing Orchid

Shine Auto Pvt Ltd also engaged in the field of precision machining of engineering components and is doing business successfully since 1989.

  • The work area of SAPL is spread over an area of 6000 Sq. yards and is located at close proximity to one of its major customer i.e. Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.
  • The company has in-house CNC Machining Centre – Horizontal, Vertical and Drill Tap Centre, CNC Turning Centres, Duplex Milling Machines, Vertical Milling Machines, Horizontal Milling Machines, Radial Drilling Machines, Turret Lathes and GPMs.
  • Major Customers are: M/s Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., Mohali, M/s Swaraj Engines Ltd, Mohali, M/s Swaraj Mazda Ltd., Ropar and Indofarm Equipments Ltd., Baddi Solan.
  • Major Products are: Cylindrical Heads (RV2, RB33, S15), Cylindrical Block (RB30 and RB33), Crank Case Semi Finish (RB, BV3), Gear Casing, Cover Top, Case T-Gear, Cover Timing and Gear.


The group will endeavour to continually achieve the highest standards across our lines of business with a dedicated focus towards quality, innovation and customer satisfaction to ensure that our organization aims to achieve global market leadership in the metal fabrication industry.


The group aims to achieve our vision by continually innovating to aggressively leverage global opportunities, to set standards and benchmarks in design, quality, costs, processes and customer service. Our organization will ensure that

  • We recruit & retain the best professional talent,
  • We meet all safety and security labour laws as per the International Standards
  • Develop teams via regular training to excel in the competitive environment
  • Commit to the highest standards in our products, process and activities
  • Retain honour and integrity in all our dealing with customers, vendors and employees of our organization

Core Values:

The group understands that successful enterprises are built entirely on the ability to establish and nurture longer term relationships. As a value driven organization, we recognize the importance of integrity and honour in our interaction with all stakeholders of our organization and we aim to provide each individual with the highest level of courtesy, maintain the highest ethical standards, develop and motivate flexible teams and integrated capabilities, creative an environment for creative innovation, and enable our employees and customers to achieve progress through flexible and amicable associations.

The core values we hold as a group have been successfully guiding us to accomplish our vision.


Our employees hold the key to the success of our Company. We recognize their high performance and team-orientation that has helped us develop a workforce committed to delivering the best.


The group is responsible for all our actions and results. Our leaders expect superior performance and so provide a healthy and safe working environment.

Key Strengths:

  • Approximately three decades of experience in the fabrication of ferrous and non ferrous metals
  • Long term collaboration with globally recognized industry leaders
  • Complete product design, process development and manufacturing capability to fulfill unique requirements and international standards
  • State of the Art facilities with the latest equipment, machinery and tools coupled with a highly professional team of designers and engineers to support global requirements.
  • Traditional values WITH cutting edge management

Safety & Health:

It is our endeavour to ensure that our operations are governed in a manner that the Health and Safety of our employees, visitors, and the surrounding community is maintained at paramount conditions.

The production and manufacturing processes within our lines of business require the implementation of safety measures and checks as per industry standards to mitigate any risks of industrial hazards in the work environment. These include:

  • Provision of modern uniform and safety aids such as gloves, glasses and masks for workers deployed on various tasks
  • Protection from industrial/electrical equipment, moving machinery and noise/air pollution in the factory setup
  • Regular audits of Quality Control and Safety Procedures in the field and manufacturing regimes

The company’s workers are provided safety and health guidelines which are communicated via regular training and workshops from time to time. Moreover, in compliance with standard industrial and environmental policy, We ensures that its workers are equipped with necessary equipment and accessories to mitigate any risks of work related hazards.

We explore best practices and other methods to continually improve the work related environment to further our efforts in employee welfare. These methods are supported by regular safety & health audits, employee welfare policies and transparent record and communication of safety related incidents within our organization

All employees at our organization are also provided the right to information on Safety & Health aspects of our operations, and the company also provides the facility of employee health resources, to ensure that the work environment is optimized to develop a confident and productive workforce. These measures, coupled with employee health appraisals and review of health and safety systems demonstrates our commitment to a entirely hazard free manufacturing organization.





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